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Our People


Duncan Wilson: Director

Duncan is responsible for the operation of the business in New Zealand. He has over fourteen years experience in the sector including four years working as a Senior Consultant in the UK.... more>>


Lisa Eve: Senior Consultant

Lisa has an MSc in Environmental Science, and is a member of the Chartered Institute of Wastes Management in the UK. She has developed financial models, associated risk assessments, and sustainability appraisal tools to enable informed decisions to be made at an officer and Councillor level.... more>>

Dr Dominic Hogg: Director. B.Sc (Physics) PhD (Economics)

Dominic is one of the worlds leading experts in the areas of waste policy and the use of economic instruments.  He has advised governments throughout Europe and the UK as well as Japan and Australia.  A keynote speaker at numerous conferences around the world, he is regarded as one of the UK’s leading critical thinkers on waste and sustainability....more>>

Joe Papineschi: Director

Joe joined the company in April 2002. As a waste management consultant with experience in the statutory, community and private sectors, Joe brings a unique mix of skills and knowledge to projects in a wide range of settings....more>> 


Mike Brown: Director. B.Sc., M.Sc., FGS, MCIWM, CEnv

Mike joined Eunomia as a Director in 2007, after several years of fruitful collaboration.  Originally qualified as a Geologist, then a Master of Hydrogeology, Mike Brown's twenty years of industry experience went through a transition from the aggregates industry to the waste industry....more>>


Duncan continued: ...Duncan has a B.A (Hons) in Anthropology, and his work with Eunomia has covered a range of waste strategy work, work on waste contract procurement, writing national guidance on waste composition analysis, the development of comprehensive waste prevention strategies for local authorities, and collection systems modelling (including core development work on Eunomia’s proprietary collection systems model). Prior to working for Eunomia, Duncan worked in New Zealand where he spent 5 years as Manager of Waste Not, which he helped develop into the country’s leading specialist waste consultancy. Amongst his achievements in the course of his work he obtained government funding to develop a waste strategy planning system and set of spreadsheet based tools for assisting councils to implement zero waste strategies, conceived and project managed the development of the ‘New Zealand Recycling Symbols’- a set of high quality freely downloadable images for recycling signage, which are now extensively used throughout NZ, and was lead author of the New Zealand Business Council for Sustainable Development’s ‘Industry Guide to Zero Waste’.

Lisa  continued: ...Lisa has extensive experience in strategic service reviews for local authorities, working at Auckland City Council for four years from 1998 during their full refuse and recycling service review, and working for Bristol City Council in the UK for three years managing the introduction of a city-wide biodegradable waste collection. At the time it was the largest city-wide full organic waste collection in the UK, servicing 165,000 households. She also has experience in developing policy for sustainability at local authorities and as a consultant. She has a particular interest in construction and demolition waste and has worked successfully on a variety of projects in the sector.

Dominic continued: ...Dominic founded Eunomia in 2001. He has an honours degree in Physics (University of Oxford), a Masters Degree in Development Economics (University of Wales, Swansea) and a PhD in economics (University of Cambridge). He specialises in cross-disciplinary studies in the field of policy development and appraisal, and strategy development.

He founded Eunomia with the intention of establishing a consultancy with a distinct, normative ethos. He leads Eunomia's policy and strategy work, and all projects with a strong economics component. He has been involved in the assessment of waste systems and technologies for many years. He has carried out major policy projects of this nature for Governments and for the European Commission, as well as major cost-benefit studies for bodies such as WRAP. He has enormous experience of assessment methods as applied to waste management technologies, as well as understanding, and critically reviewing, the nature of the interface with existing policies.

Joe continued: ...His in depth knowledge of Government policy in waste management, coupled with many years of work with local authorities and the community sector, has given Joe an exceptional insight into the challenges facing the waste manager of today.

Joe has managed kerbside collection schemes and two major projects designing and building specialised collection vehicles and has a particular interest in practical operational issues. Joe has recently directed a number of projects supporting the development of Hampshire’s JMWMS. He is Eunomia’s senior specialist in partnership working and procurement and has recently advised a number of two-tier waste partnerships on partnership development. Foremost amongst these has been the Somerset Waste Partnership, who Joe has been principal advisor to since September 2004, supporting all aspects of their ambitious Somerset Waste Board project.

Mike continued: ...Mike is an experienced Managing Director and was until 2006 (when CES was sold to SITA)  Managing Director of County Environmental Services, the Cornish LAWDC (Local Authority Waste Disposal Company), which managed Cornwall’s municipal waste. He was also the founder Chairman of the Defra, former DTI and devolved administrations endorsed National Resource & Waste Forum. Mike therefore has a track record of bringing focused and consistent leadership to the public, private and community sectors, and of transforming technically and politically complex businesses through the ability to apply commercial skills and set clear direction.

A detailed understanding of the interaction between the community, public and private sectors keeps his focus on genuine partnership working. He has the ability to ‘master-plan’ and deliver complex projects spanning social, economic and environmental disciplines.

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